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Hello members I would need a burst to begin (5)
Hi everybody (2)
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Greetings from Jeddah (3)
Greetings from Finland. In need of 1 burstcoin to get started. Thanks (3)
Hi Can anyone give me burst to start mining thanks (2)
Need 1 BURST coin to start mining BURST-86DZ-Y47Q-V856-29W3P (2)
New burstcoin miner today! (5)
Nube requests burstcoin to get started please. BURST-REJ3-S3VE-5JBB-2QH65 (2)
1 burst needed to start mining (10)
Need a burst to start please (3)
Need one burst to get started please (3)
Hey, Bro! Help me please for 1 BURST! (3)
Need 1 burst to start please (2)
I need 1 Burst to start please (3)
Need 1 burstcoin to start mining? (2)
Need 1 burst coin to start up (3)
Need one burstcoin to start mining? (2)
Please give one coin for begin (2)
Hello everyone i am a new miner.Please send fo start up,thanks! (2)
Hello Everyone! Just trying to get started and would appreciate any help (3)
Hi there. Just trying to get started. Thanks in advance! (2)
Начало майнинга (2)
Hi! Send for start up, please (2)
HI,i new miner ,need a coin to get started. help! (3)
Getting started, need 1 Burst to start (4)
Thank you help ,request Burst to start up (6)
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