1 Burst required to start mining please

Hi all. please send to BURST-XAAW-WMW2-54P4-5P37F

I have just finished plotting my new 8TB HDD and its ready to go

Any advice on a good pool to join?


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Looks like you already got all set up, welcome and good luck!

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I had to join a few exchanges to use convert GBP to Bitcoin to Burstcoin to start mining. not easy but possible

Cant seem to get miner started. started local wallet but starts and stops, not sure what prob is???

If this was easy everyone would be doing it, oh wait, they are!

Unless you are solo mining (which you should probably have at least 100TB of space for), you don’t need a local wallet to mine.

Can you better describe your problem, and software you are using?

hi when i start mining I get:

"error Readfile. code =87 unexpected end of file

Something is wrong with your plot. Did you finish plotting your drive?

I did a plot checker on the plot and it came up Ok.

I plotted a very small plot file as a test on I my internal drive and it mined perfectly. The moment i copy the plot to my external lacie 8tb drive it gives me the error again. Very confusing???

Post your miner.conf file details to check out what you have.

Silly question but necessary

  1. Did you change the miner.conf to point to the 8TB drive location?
  2. Did you by any chance rename the file in any way?

Yip, I reset my plot to the correct file location with the correct nominal burst account info

I also:

Plotted a small file on my internal drive and mined ok

Plotted a small file on my external drive and had error

Moved the same good plot file to the eexternal and had error.

Reformatted eat drive and removed any file compression.

Gave up and went to bed

It was formatted NTFS?

Yes I think so

Has anyone used Lacie 8TB drives for mining?