1 Burst to change Mining Pool

Hi Burst community,

Initially i signed up with Cryptoguru Mining Pool, but i found my mining results to be abysmal. Which is why i would like to change mining pools.

I have 4.5TB and iv been mining for about a month, with an average of approximately 1.3 burst a day! it would take me about another month to reach the minimum payout.

I would like to try burst btfg space mining pool.

My Wallet: BURST-9WDH-J473-PS9V-GCB27

Thank you in advance.

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You won’t see so much difference switching to a pool that you should abandon the 51 coins that you have on this pool so far… I suggest sticking with this one until you reach 100.

Since you have signed up there, they have opened a couple new pools. The one you are on pays out 50% to the block finder, and 50% to the rest of the pool shares. A new one just splits everything between all the pool shares, meaning in the short term, you will see more returns. This is the new pool:


You probably just have a bit of bad luck this past month as well.

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I totally disagree with you. After 24 hours of mining on the new btfg space mining pool, i have nearly exactly 9 burst. Which is what i should be getting as an estimate from online calculators.

I’m very disappointed in Cryptoguru Mining Pool since i have wasted so much time there. Maybe I can change the post to warn new comers of that pool. Maybe the 0-100 would be better, but i’m not going to waste my time any more with Cryptoguru Mining Pools.

In this case its much more beneficial for me to abandon my 51 coins as it would take me another month to mine 50 coins on Cryptoguru Mining Pool, where in that time on btfg space mining pool i would make approximately 270 coins.

The big lesson to new comers here is “chose your pool wisely” as it has a HUGE impact on your mining profits.

I think what you’re not taking into account is that your rewards are totally random, and can only be assessed after a long period of time (and also for the mining difficulty to stay EXACTLY the same).

Take for example myself. I have used many different pools. Currently right now, I am making more per TB on the 50-50 pool because, for some reason, I am hitting blocks much more frequently than I statistically should be.

Many people refer to Burst mining as entering a lottery, because it works very similarly. If you bought a lottery ticket from two different stores, and got a winner at one of them, does that mean the other store provides less winners overall?

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