1 Burts


Hi I am e new account and please help me I need Burst on open go account.
I have also questions.
Can i mining with 160GB free place on me HDD:

Thank you for ansver and me account for depozite Burts is BURST-CNM9-YHYC-67EY-HZNJU

Bye communiti.


A couple on the way to start you out. Welcome!


Thank you and Iam vaiting download blockchain in me Burstwallet. But this is long time.


It does take a long time go sync the blockchain. If you are using Qbundle, you can choose to just download the majority of it

Database -> Import Database -> Import from repository

This goes much faster than sync from the beginning.


Ok thank you for ansver i will make it. Thank you for tip. Best regards neca


Please help me I have wallet 1.6 and verzion 1.3.6 cg. But I dont download blockchain me wallet go 2 days but stop on 6.12. day and no download blockchain whats is problem. Thank you very much. Import database is same stop on block 433336 date 6.12.2017 . Stop no sinchronization. I maked import no funkcion. I reinstaled Wallet no funkcion stop on block. I dont no. I have windows 10 64 bit. Firewall and NOD is off but no download blocks.
thank you ansvers.


Ok I make it instal new Qubundle 1.6 sync on start but the date 18.12.2018 crash. And starting sync still. This is fake platform. I download from import and the same crash on block 433336. And starting stil 0 block. It was 4 days. where is problem is not good software or yes. Firewall off Nod off but stil crash. Instal new 1.6 and bevore finishd crash. I have windows 10 64 bit. Java instaled v1.9. This is horribel that no sync.

Help me please or Burst I will delete.


I really don’t understand why it is not working for you. Make sure you have MariaDB as the chosen database.


Its is ok I download e new Burst wallet and sync start it was very slovly but wallet is sync all.

But I have this problem vith HDD wake up it ok or no.