2.5.0 update


Hey guys I just did the 2.5.0 update and nothing seems to work. The wallet stops it wont download the blago miner and I keep getting this message pop up Capturegf

can anyone help


Microsoft has flagged blago as malware because the minority use it to botnet. Your way around that since like us you want to use it legitimately is to manually set windows defender to exclude the qbundle folder from virus and threat protection. It is the only way it can work as intended and is also not good to have cloud based protection active (but leaving sample submission active is ok)
Although it is a pain in the ass Microsoft threat protection does limit attacks by automated botnets, you are therefore confirming you are not a botnet by following my instructions and are not in any danger doing so.


I just tried it and still nothing got the same error
update now letting me open the wallet but can not find file paths for blago


have you made plot files? they take time before you can mine at least the miner works but you got to use the plotter before it has data to mine with


yeah got 60tb plotted and have been mining since 2017 just never ran into a problem like this it all happened after the update
I think it cant find the plot files


got it going guys thanks for the help


I’ve had problems since the update as well. My account ID keeps changing to an account that does not exist. I was able to downgrade to an older version which solved the problem, but now I’m having the same issue with the older wallet and can’t find a fix.


I found that going into this pc c drive and open the wallet from the file in there but delete off the wallet from the downloads it was not finding the plot files from the wallet in my downloads. the wallet from c drive found the plots right away. hope this helps