8TB Fire Sale at Best BUY. Buy, Shuck, Plot, Mine them Happy Bursting

Fire sale at BestBuy for 8TB drives. Do not ever buy them from anyone on Ebay. All they do is buy them, shuck them and mark them up $50-$60 and re-sell them to you.


My experience is that you will get the WD Red drive with 256mb Cache from Thailand

Register with WD to activate your warranty here. https://westerndigital.secure.force.com/ind/?lang=en_US

The video is simply how to shuck them if you have a drive farm or array, but you don’t have to shuck your drive if you don’t want to or need to. Plot your file right on the enclosure and add to your farm.
Wash, rinse, repeat :grinning:

Update Jan 16, 2018

For those following this thread obviously the price has gone up already.

You can normally get this on sale for $159.00 USD

Tip: There are two models. Place both in your SAVED ITEMS list and simply check back every once in while until they go on sale again.

The model ending in NESN will render you a RED Label drive out of Thailand with 256mb cache

The model ending in NEBB will render you a WD white label Helium drive. Also 256mb cache. This drive normally does not go on sale but will work if it does.

Happy Bursting


Thanks for sharing this little secret with the wider community :wink:

Fire sale back on at BEST Buy in the US. The NESN model for $159.00 will most likely have the WD 8TB 256mb cache drive in it. The NEBB model NOT ON SALE will have the while label Helium drive.

Buy them, Shuck them (if needed), Plot them, Mine them.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat :slight_smile:


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@Yahiko Great suggestion so do you have a contact with a vendor you can share with the forum we can all use?

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