A few questions from a n00b


Hello all, I have just started mining for the first time thanks to the help of some users on this forum! Everything is working fine (I think) but I have a lot to learn about mining. I have a few questions that I hope some more experienced folks can answer.

  1. Will I ever need to re-plot my hard drive? Do the plot files ever expire / become obsolete? I read somewhere the analogy of the plot file being like a bunch of lottery tickets. So if I have a winning “ticket”, does that just become wasted space on the drive, and would there ever be any benefit to re-plotting?

  2. I have begun mining on the 0-100 cryptoguru pool with the program in qbundle. It seems to be running fine - spitting out deadline info. But how do I know if I’m actually earning anything?

  3. Right now I am just using a single 4TB external drive. How much could I expect to earn per week on the 0-100 pool?

Thanks in advance for any input you have! And if there’s any other advice you’ve got I’d love to hear it!


I have the same questions and I don’t know what pool to mine yet tho or how to set it up then I can mine

  1. Initially we never thought we would need re-plot our drives our drives at all, but as the newest development team have designed some changes, there was a new need to re-plot the drive. So now we plot POC2 plot files.
    Will we need to plot again? unlikely anytime soon, but hey you never know. Unless there is a corrupt portion of your hard drive or you have plotted the same plots multiple times and have overlap then nope, no need.

  2. Just go to the website interface whichever pool you are mining on , i’m guessing yours is https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/ and look for your account number.

  3. https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org/tool/calculate


Thanks for the reply! I was able to figure out how to see my earnings in the pool, but I’ve got a lot more to learn.


I just followed the guide for new users which has worked fine for me so far.


Is there anyway to remote log in and send a Burst to someone I’m on my phone not by computer