A Hello and a question on proxy for solo mining

Hi Everyone!

I’m fairly new to the scene but i’m building up to something sizeable (finishing the plotting on my 250TB as I type)

I do have a question regarding how to go about my next big step, moving to Solo mining.

I have one system BurstSrv1 which has about 188TB and I have 2 other systems that have the remainder, I was wondering what the right protocol was for converting to Proxy and solo simultaneously.

My thoughts were:

  1. make sure local wallet is up to date on each
  2. set ‘Proxy Main’ machine to solo mine (reward assignment set to self)
  3. set others to proxy via ‘Proxy Main’

Maybe if I used the AIO wallet to set each up as solo, and then configured the conf file to point at the Proxy Main machine i’d have a smoother transition?

I’m using Blago’s miner and was wondering if there was a guide/best practices on such a setup.

Thanks for your time!

Hi @WizardOfSpeedAndTime,
sorry I am not a very techie person, but I would like to welcome you to GETBURST.
There are a lot of people here that have the knowledge that you seek and I am certain that you will get a reply soon enough. Congrats on your set up and keep it up you will be mining in no time.
Have fun and keep BURSTing!
See you around :wink:

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for ‘Proxy Main’ = “”:
“Mode” : “solo”,
“Server” : “”,
“Port”: 8125,

“UpdaterAddr” : “”,
“UpdaterPort”: “8125”,

“InfoAddr” : “”,
“InfoPort”: “8125”,

“EnableProxy”: true,
“ProxyPort”: 8126,

for others:
"Mode" : “pool”,
“Server” : “”,
“Port”: 8126,

“UpdaterAddr” : “”,
“UpdaterPort”: “8126”,

“InfoAddr” : “”,
“InfoPort”: “8126”,


Wow, to have a reply from Blago himself… I feel honored!

Thank you so much for the information, I was going to apply incorrectly on Proxy Main the enable proxy setting.

If i have any issues i’ll post things up!

thank you for the welcome, i hope that everything goes well, i’m here for the long run :smiley:

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Thank you all!

Everything seems fully functional, and not a single dropped block! Currently running with 215TB plotted and smooth sailing so far.


Thanks for this answer Blago, very clear and easy.

I would like to clarify something. WizzardOfSpeedAndTime mentioned that he will have local wallet installed and synced on both machines, if I understood correctly. I have mine installed and synced only on the proxy machine. Is that enough, or I need to install it on both?

Is it just me, or I’m finding a lot less DL’s since I connected the second computer through the proxy?


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