A post in "It's just me here" requires staff attention


Its too cool! (badge)



Working on racking up those badges eh? LOL


i think i may have a touch of OCD :smile_cat:


:joy: Hahahahaha! :joy:
As long as you don’t start answering yourself, I think you are OK.


Well let me give you a proper greeting.

Welcome @jaxblack to GETBURST,
really happy to you are here and already helping and chatting with everyone, including yourself.:joy:
Love the optimism!
From what I can see and read you are a Burster, so it is great to have you.

I can also tell that you love having fun and that is awesome!
Let’s make this place fun and let’s BURST together.

Keep it up!
Can’t wait to see you around :blush:
Let’s have fun and get some BURST :heart_eyes: