About deadlines

What is the downside to setting your deadline to the maximum the pool will allow?
You will get more deadlines right?

I’m a bit confused about this.
What is the upside for me setting a tighter deadline?

Apparently it affects your share in the pool from what I googled.

So what is better then?
Getting a confirmation every block, or getting a confirmation sometimes with tighter settings?

the maximum the pool would allow would be optimal. Period.

And why is that?
Isn’t it that tighter deadlines give you more of a share on the pool?

Yes they do, but any accepted deadline accepted by a pool is better than no deadline.

For example

Pool accepts less than 10 day deadlines.

A) You find a 9 day 23 hour deadline and qualify for a 0.001% historical (made up numbers)
B) You do not contribute a deadline - you qualify for 0% historical.

Any deadline is better than no deadline.

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That makes sense.
Thank you.

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With crypoguru pools, it matters. WIth all other pools, just set to the max deadline the pool allows.


Read the right side of the page above to get an idea about cryptoguru pools.

That is exactly the pool I am currently mining :frowning:

then you should set your deadline to a lower value. You can use the calculator in the “Quick Info” tab.

Ahh, okay i read through that link and see what your talking about, they have adjusted the historic to filter for more accuracy relevant to your actual contribution. @addict, sorry i have never seen this pool setup before.

With the exception of the actual pool server being able to keep up with confirmations everything else will be favored towards the miner with the fastest read speed/largest plot, which i guess makes sense…

Hmm i wonder what the actual perfect number is- how many seconds/TB scanned is ideal, there must be a point of diminishing returns?

it is best to have a total scan time such that you always finish scanning your plots before the round ends. But the pools have an additional parameter TMin. The pool ignores Deadlines that have been submittet in rounds with generation time < Tmin for the effective capacity calculation. The Cryptoguru pools use TMin=20s so that is the point of diminishing returns.

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I currently have 26075 GB.
According to the calculator my best deadline is 8134901.
However, I will get 60-80% of the blocks confirmed.

I’m wondering what is better.

Read times are 26 sec max.

Can you advise me on a new pool?
I can only do this once more since I only have 2 burst left :slight_smile:

I have close to 27TB, but will be expanding in de future.
My read times are close to 15 seconds (i’m using jminer now).

I will not get over about 6.9TB in this pool, after 360 blocks.
Also, how do I set the target deadline in jminer? Google was not helpfull in this.
I found: targetDeadline=
Is this the correct parameter?
Things like:
821871246 > 31536000 skipped
Still show up, is this normal?

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked that no plots overlap? Are you using one rig or 2

I use this pool,and it has become quite reliable.

I am unable to advise on JMiner as i use cpu blago miner…sorry


with 15 seconds read time it is pretty much impossible to get 7TB as a results with 27TB real. first you should wait until your valid deadlines are at about 360. Make sure that there are no overlaps or corrupt plot files, because switching to another pool is not going to fix that ^^ it will just make you blind for those possible issues

Nothing overlaps, I checked.
I’ve made 338 deadlines out of the last 360.
I am mining with 1 system.

with a dl limit of 31000000( which jminer automatically uses) you should get the full 360 deadlines, just wait a little longer. also check your plot files for corruption with https://blackpawn.com/tp/

Just checked my plot files.
Many files are completely red :frowning: (corrupt)

How can this be?
I just finished plotting them.

Ok. I cheked my plotfiles.
I have about 7TB of good plots.

The rest is crap :frowning:
My GTX570 made 37k nonces when pausing the program, disable videocard. Re-enable card.
I think that messed the process up :frowning:

Have to replot A LOT :frowning:
God damnit. Mining is not easy.

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not sure how exactly that happens … have heard people say that you shouldn’t do anything else with you graphicscard while it is plotting to avoid corruption.

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Hi, currently have 4980 GB plotted, mining on https://0-100-pool.burst.cryptoguru.org/

pool Deadline Limit is ____31536000
my target Deadline Limit is 43046467

So im guessing this is why i dont get near the ‘Last 360 blocks’ and "effective capacity’ (not finding result each block)

Is the solution more GB to get closer to pool limit?