About hardware - good and bad

So, i just started this thing here and i do verrrry slowly get an idea of whats good and bad considering hard disks, SATA, USB etc.

when i heared about burstcoin and wanted to try it, i “learned” that burstcoin mining is all about disk space. so i got an external 8tb USB3 drive (wd mybook to be precise). But NOW i think, that was not quite a good choice :slight_smile: not only is 8 TB quite low-end disk space for burstcoin mining, as i learnded very quickly (ok, im just starting, so thats not a real issue as i can extend my disk space when i need to - i think about 40tb for a real start);
i do also think now, that my choice of an external USB3 disk was bad, because its much slower than sata3 what gives me a disadvantage. if i take it out of its external case and put it directly in my pc, that would be quite better for mining, is that correct?

for upgrading my plot size i consider buying some of seagate barracuda 8tb (ST8000DM004) HDDs.
what can you recommend?

8tb drives is what most people go after. There aren’t too many people that use the 10tb or the 12tb drives because of price. You can get 8TB drives for around $130-$150usd on amazon.

It would be ideal for the drives to be removed from the enclosure, then put it in your pc on a sata cable instead of usb. Reason: usb 2.0 isn’t great for read/write speeds in comparison to usb 3.0.

A lot of people run dedicated machines, on racks or shelves with a ton of drives connected via usb 3. That should give you the full read/write speed for your drive and remove any bottleneck in that regard.

You could get one of those usb controllers that gives you 6-10 more usb ports, or you can get a raid card and use that with a backplane for drives. You don’t really need a backplane depending on the raid card.

If it’s a usb 3 disk, you’re fine and should see pretty good speed on that drive.

There are a lot of factors that go into speed for burst mining, Usually when someone comes over and complains about their speeds, it’s because of cabling or a bottleneck behind the hard drive.
Cables, Ports, Backplanes, even the CPU can be a bottleneck.

So if all of those items are compatible with 6gbps or higher, you’ll be fine.

Lastly, if you do run equipment that gives you only half of that or less than that, that isn’t really a big problem, but the game here is to optimize your complete setup as much as possible in way of drive read/write speeds.

let us know if you have more questions or if you wanna be more specific with your hardware.
Thank you

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  • 8 TB drives offer lowest cost per GB
  • Ignore SSDs because of their high cost per GB
  • Data goes through a “chain” of devices each with their own bandwidth limits:
    RAM <- PCIe <- USB <- SATA <- drive
  • Drives don’t go much faster than ~150 MB/s
  • A faster interconnect won’t speed up a slow drive
  • USB2 is a slower but may be OK anyway (~50 MB/s)
  • USB3 is fast (~500 MB/s)
  • SATA-I is plenty fast enough (~150 MB/s)
  • SATA-III is not much faster than USB3 (~600 MB/s)
  • You should look to complete a scan in 30 seconds to a minute
  • Multiple drives should be scanned in parallel
  • Each drive has a single arm that has to physically move, so two smaller drives should scan faster than one big drive (but consume more power when doing so)
  • Multiple drives connected to a single USB port via a hub might be slower than the same drives connected to separate ports on the PC although there are so many variables that this should be tested on a case-by-case basis

Thanx for your replies, that really helps me to understand. So im ok with my usb3 drive. it should be possible to connect up to 3 disks to an usb3 host and if i want more disks, i can simply buy an additional pci-e-usb3-card.

so i have another question:
blagominer tells me transfer rates between just 95MB/s and more than 170MB/s (its one single plot file of 8TB). are theese ups and downs normal?

The ups and downs are somewhat normal. If you drop below that 95, or I would say, if it drops below 60, then there is a bottleneck somewhere. 95-170 is pretty decent on 3 drives.