About the Getting Started - Initial Burstcoin Requests category

Welcome to all new Burst users! There have been an overwhelming number of new users to every forum and website in the Burst ecosystem. Please read the following if you are here to request coins to help start you off.


If you do not follow these guidelines, your request will be removed from the forum!


This sub forum is here to help new users get started. Please follow these rules to request coins to get started.


  1. Go into your profile for the forum, and upload a new Profile Picture. This is located under preferences for your account.

  2. Create a NEW topic here: https://forums.getburst.net/c/new-members-introductions/getting-started-initial-burstcoin-requests Don’t piggyback on someone else’s posts, these requests will be removed.

  3. You must currently have a ZERO balance. Those acccounts that have any coins will not receive any BURST.

  4. Do NOT post more than once, and remember to include your Burst address.

  5. Be patient. This is not an automatic process, and people are using their own money to help get people started. It’s possible no one is around giving out their coins sometimes.

  6. If you received a coin from me, @ryanw, that is all that you will get from me. I will have provided you some information on my reply that will enable you to use that one Burst to get set up properly.

  7. Please donate to my address BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX if you want to help out. Also, if you want to help out users on your own, that is really appreciated. Please make a post after their request stating that it has been fulfilled.