About transforming PoC1 -> PoC2 plots software description

I read “1 week since Dymaxion - bulk answers” last week.
I understood that no need plot one more time but need transforming for plot data if I want hi speed read (and mining?).

My question is "Transforming PoC1 -> PoC2 software support plot data plot by GPU plot data?"
GPU plot data have two sort description. Buffer mode and direct mode. The software supported these plot files?

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Currently there is only a plotter in existance. As i understand Miners and conversion tools will be offered in good time before fork will take place. And if all goes as planned a miner will support both Poc1 and Poc2 plots.

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Thank you for reply Quibus.

I have a lot of GPU plotted data.
If the transforming software can not convert GPU plotted data to PoC2, I plan to prepare a fork by CPU plotting from now. (It will take months for that work …)
Do you have information on whether to support PoC1 plot data created by buffered mode or direct mode with GPU plotter as input data of transforming software?

I sadly have no information regarding gpu plotters at all for the moment. Since the PoC1->PoC2 is only a layout change i suppose it will be an easy fix for all plot softwares. When it comes to miners they will have to read 2 scoops from a PoC1 plot in a PoC2 environment. So basically. PoC1 and PoC2 are compatible but once one switch over to PoC2 the PoC1 will act as unoptimized/staggerd plot.

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Thank you for explaining.