Account name not showing in pool


Hi I changed my account name a few days ago but for some reason it is not showing in the pool, only my Burst Address.

Please how can I get my account name to display on the pool by the side of my Burst Address as others are.

As stated my account name is all set up the transaction was made 2 days ago and loging in to the wallet the account is named what I called it.

Having my Account name displayed in the pool like some others will help me to find my account in the pool a lot faster than trying to remember what shade of brown my account has been assigned as a colour.




Seems to be working now thanks for whatever you did :+1:


Here’s a tip of you CTL-F while on the pool page and enter your last four of your burst account number you will find where your at. Just a tip.


No tried that and because the page uses frames it cant find it. I have also used the search box on the page but all that does it just puts your account address (I.E Your Search Term) at the top of all the boxes it does not not highlight your account in the list , bit pointless realy.