Add Burst Address or go back to old Address

Hello, I’m new to Burst. My Burst address has changed for some reason the old Burst address was: BURST-7UGR-G559-26QJ-9BTWF which I have Burst coin added to it. And then for some reason I have a new Burst address which is:
Is there any way to go back to the old Burst address? I’m using Qbundle v1.8. Thanks.

maybe u open a new user? go to account manager and check if u use multiple

I took a look but there are no additional accounts added. Is their a way to go back to the old account?

Somehow the passphrase you are using is different now. Even blank spaces count.

Hello, I’ve checked the pass phrase and I can’t seem to find any errors. I only have 9 Burst in the old account. Well since I have no Burst in the new account, is it possible for someone to send 1 Burst to the new account to help me activate it? Thank you and much appreciated on helping me out.

New Burst Account:

Sent you another coin.

Great. Thank you!

You’re welcome, good luck!