And here I am!


Thats what you get when you post the forum URL in public, :wink: Great forum, nice job @ryanw !


Welcome mr.x :slight_smile:


Thanks for joining @mr.x !


Thanks guys, my pleasure to be here!


Hi @mr.x,
glad to see you here.
this is going to be great :slight_smile:


Welcome and have a lovely time.


Thank you its going to be a pleasure getting to know you all, and I like this forum, has a nice feel to it!

I did some coding when i was a kid and after many years I am trying to get into it again, and have been pretty busy doing just that.
In the old days we didn’t have the fancy tools, and learning how to use the tools seems to be the biggest hurdle.

Visual Studio Code was recommended to me by a young brilliant Crypto Dev, and it reminds me a lot of the first time I looked over the hood of a Peterbilt truck, its like Im having a hard time seeing the whole picture!
Now and then I get a little frustrated and have to pull out the old trusty notepad and write something so I can compile and have a feeling of success, lmao.

At any rate I look forward to joining in with the discussions, everyone have a great day!