[ANN] BurstMine.tk Mining pool (1%) 0-100 FIRST NINJA POOL FOR SMALL MINERS


Edit by ryanw 10/8/2017

Until further notice, this pool is offline and the owner unreachable. Do not attempt to mine on this pool.

Hello everybody! I have created a pool that is good for all miners!
The url is http://burstmine.tk (https supported)
The pool is DDOS protected by cloudflare and a custom filter that blocks 89% of bad requests that slip through cloudflare with no normal traffic being blocked!
Recipient assignment: BURST-H96D-FT7X-Q5WB-DX23A
URL: burstmine.tk (port 8080 or 80)

New to Burst

~0-100 payout system!
~ninja style pool
~Same great benefits for small miners! (Note: most shares accepted now, around 10 years worth)

Come on and mine!
I am doing a bonus of 200 burst for the first block the pool mines.


ty this is any size pool ty going to join u when my plots r done


Yes. This pool works for any size, even as small as 100 GB!


Pool is at 100tb+ now woohoo


I have plotted my HD but I couldn’t successfully start mining because of some error codes. don’t
what to do next


What error are you getting? Please post config.


Do know some time it can take 4-5hr to go from 1 pool to a new pool is like that for ever one see if u can miner now


It should only take 4 blocks to switch. We did have a 45 minute block a few days ago, possibly related to that.


Let’s make the push to 20 miners!!! We need 3 more!



Waiting for 1 burst fee to take effect. Then i will start mining at you’re pool!!!



Thank you so much for mining here! We just hit our first block last night!


please, I have 140Gb plotted . and i dont understand what you mean by " it takes $ block to comfirm, please can you explain?


@patty it takes 4 blocks to confirm the reward recipient assignment. This is a network restriction and aims to prevent mining on multiple pools and forking.


Hi Kev,

On you’re pool site, On the page historic pay outs, what does the 0,00D/0,00P mean?

Greetz Paulov.


Historic block shares i mean.


0.00D IS the coins u will get when the pool get a block and 0.00P is what the pool has payed u so far :slight_smile:


What he said


Thanks guys!!!


Hi there,

I am mining here for a couple of days now, but why is my reward fluctuating? And when i just started i got payed within 2 days and now i see only what i got payed that time and nothing more?

Please help me understand the reward/pay-out system, because i want to invest in more diskspace.

Thanks for you’re patience and help.