[ANN] burstneon.com


G’day and welcome too all new members,
I also notice you, lovely community, about burstneon.com(released in 2016), every miner is welcome and wishing a great mining time, the pool has three different protection (Sensor & Layers) and keep alive since 4. quarter 2016.

Infos about Neon:

  • Deadline maximum 2 year
  • 3 Protection Levels
  • Minimum Payout: 20 Burst
  • Mining access: burstneon.com Port: 8080
  • Recipient: BURST-YXZW-JH7M-QKR9-9PKBN

If you need any help or have suggestion, contact us under the chat on website or pm me directly.

Chat Contact:
Loyal @ Discord



  • Removing some layout objects to make everything compacter
  • Forwarding to mobile website < 1280x 800 Resolution
  • Changing background color of mobile website
  • Payout minimum 20 Burst.
  • Adjust client timeout (ignore getWinner notice miner)
  • deadline limit extended to 2 years




Removing / Replacing Charts, Console and Chat, which allows to make the sites much more compact


Added three more cores to the pool server



  • Added name - column on each section / - current / - historic / - payments



  • Working on mobile website is done, devices under 1024 pixel width will be automatic redirect to the mobile website, so you can easy and quick check your stats.



  • Every miners has now an own unique color for graph’s, current - / all shares and soon for recent payment section.

Also for mobile:



  • Improve the deadline submitting progress, also adding new custom filter against flooding.



  • Adding unique color square also to pending list
  • Adding to block history the number of pool submitter for last blocks.
  • Adding preloading screen to desktop / mobile website
  • Adding twitter, discord buttons (bring the miner community closer together)
  • Adding write and sending priority system, for the submitter process (sending deadline to pool)
  • Removing two canvas (network diff / submitting etc.)
    – Much more compact
  • Implemented algorithmus to code, against flooding beside the layer system
  • Fixed bug: Cant searching for burst address in Recent Payment Section


The new compact website for BurstNeon is now online:

lovely regards.


Notice / Update:
The main server is now active again instead of the backup servers. Rechanging the system to a newer deadline submitting process takes around 2 days, there are now different pipelines which working parallel to submit deadlines in different queues. All shares section and threshold payouts are assumed to the main server. Thanks to be patience, lovely regards.


thanks to SnipX from Discord


We also offering to sending you some burst for setting up your account, if you have an empty wallet and need help, contact us under https://discord.gg/fStxZGR, lovely regards


Implemented the new interface (pool gui), which is a extended version of the last gui, the update was necessary for future projects.

    1. The Balance Checker was extended and shows the missing amount to the next payment with a chart.
    1. Adding alert system which sents automated messages to the miners, if a update or maintenance comes.
    1. Adding new data format for the tables
    1. Adding the search bar in the right corner, which allows you quickly to check all data tables.

Pool Code:

  • Parallel Deadline Submitting
  • Adding parallel websockets to feed the website with data
  • Intervall function, which trying several times to submitting the deadline if in queue



  • Fixing the autoscroll bug (if a new round started, it scrolls automatic down)
  • Replace the old pie chart against a progress bar
  • Implemented support for multiple backend wallets for higher scalability



  • After implemented the support for multiple backends wallets, the pool has now multiple wallets for reload
    the blockchain if it corrupted and submitting of deadlines
  • Adding some header for the statistics above
  • Adding dynamic table header, which resize with columns
  • Adding also again the price ticker for burstcoin
  • Status report about downtime in the alert system

Also still offering to send burst for starters, send your burst address in the Discord Channel #burst-starter.



  • Implemented Mobile Balance Checker

    You will automatically redirect to the mobile balance checker, if you using your phone.


Please updating your miner to burstneon.com port: 8080 instead of burstneon.ddns.net.
The old domain will automatically forward currently to the top level domain, but ~ 5 days the old will be invalid.



Noob question, is payment automatic after reaching 20? what is the process to receive payment?


G’evenning, payments will automatically happens if your amount of burst is higher than 20 burst, if your amount lesser, it goes to the Threshold Payments list or you can check the amount with the Mobile Checker. Your shares will converted to burst, after a block is found.


Notice at all, the url burstneon.ddns.net port 8124, is now invalid, please change the url to burstneon.com port: 8080, or download the qbundle and selecting the predefined values.