[ANN] burstneon.com



  • Integrated the website into new frame.

  • Adding to the Recent Payments

  1. TxID
  2. Blockchain Status (if payment is confirmed)
  3. Fee
  • Adding to the All Shares Section
  1. converting process from shares to burst, showing minimum burst per block. (test version)
  • Adding FAQ thanks to Hellkeepa, which hosted it.

Redesigned the mobile checker



  • Implemented code against request flooding and function which reject spam deadlines, changing hoster, which stabilize the server system.
  • You also getting now a message (response on the miner), if your deadline is to high (> 2 years) for the pool.


Increase the process number of total 10 CPU’s, so its possible to run different wallets and distribute the deadlines to different wallets and submit there. Also decrease the load time for website.


Hi there, and congrats for the project first of all.
For the past days that I’m having trouble on the ‘balance checker’ option. I put my burst address over there but nothing happen after clicking the check button, I tried on both chrome and IE and ‘clear cookie’ too but giving the same result.
Is it a known situation?


Adding SSL Socket for the Reward: https://burstneon.com/rewardassignment.html

There should be come a error / message if your address isnt in the list, have you used the burst address or numeric id?


Was the address, but the wrong One!! I was using the 1 burst donator account!!! I cheked over and Over, believe me, geee. Sorry for the noise.


Adding a miner specific view, where all important datas will be collected and appears, its necessary to login (make sure there isnt a space at front or end) and reloading the page.

  • Overhauled the gui, after some problems with the total memory usage, its total decrease 75% now, after removing and rechanged the functions.

  • Offering now, to download the pending list: 1hour or 24h updated as csv. file

Notice: Burst Guarantee also still on 0.5 burst per block, also we supporting you to get the first burst, to set a reward and start mining. DO NOT USE IT FOR A SETTING UP A NAME.

Come around and say hello https://discord.gg/2W3D4PC to get your first burst.

lovely regards


Update to Version 4 :
Glad to say that the whole functional website is done, takes month to implemented and optimize everything. The new web code is now online, what has change?

  1. The website gets an own detailed block explorer
  2. Adding a pool block history for the last 100 blocks
  3. Extended and optimize the specific miner view (added max. approx time to next payout, table of the latest payouts) and the login in system
  4. Reduced the total memory usage to a minimum
  5. Optimize the rate limiter system

Further wanna thanks Loyal for the great work, on the bot system on discord.


Great work, it looks awesome



  • Adding also a dark schema / layout, its possible to switch between light and dark.
  • Adding Miner Configuration Panel



  • Fixed bug, that the account-names disappear, if a new round on Historic Shares started.

  • Updated the color schema and layout design


Update second Part to 4.04.2017:

  • Forked the original uray code and making it compatible to node 6.8 + ( and higher )
  • Spliting historic and current shares and run it in two different payout processes and merged it as final payout.
  • Created a static payout:
  1. Rounds will not be reseted after payout
  2. Shares will be further overwrites after X rounds
  • Added Total Pool Volume Notice


@MrWho_I_Burstneon: I’ve just signed up to your pool, but I’m having some issues with the functionality of your website.

  1. Menu: “FAQ” and “Visit community” does not work.
  2. Login: Does not work. (Removes BURST from input, but doesn’t log you in.)
  3. Miner statistics: Can’t watch this without being logged in. See #2. :slight_smile:
  4. I’m getting served a cloudflare spam-protection page quite often. This affects jminer, so that mining halts. BlagoMiner seems to be working as normal.

Thanks for hosting! :smiley:



  • added load balancer for multiple backend wallets, to prevent broken pipelines (lost api calls) (also planned to release it on a forked version on github)


Hi, who pays payout Tx fee?
can I setup payout limit to say 50 burst instead of 20


We currently thinking about to increase the payout limit. lovely regards


-Added a Burstcoin Monitor for BurstNeon

  • Allows to follow all submitted deadlines, shares, pending amount, base target and time reporter.


I cannot access the mobile version on my iPhone 6 as there is no way to display/access the login button. It is ok on my iPad.

Is there a url I can enter to get me to the login to enter my Reed-Solomon address?


G’day the mobile version is currently in progress, you will automatically redirect, if it done. lovely regards