[ANN] burstneon.com



  • Added a Wallet Stuck Finder, which automatically swapped to next wallet, if one is behind
  • Extended the account monitor with:
  1. Added Tabs: Payout from Pool and mined Blocks
  2. Added Wallet Balance
  3. QR Code


Major Update:
The payment system has changed, after weeks of coding and preparing on testnet, the system has been successful integrated. There is also a method for saving your balance against corrupted files or failed api calls.
How it works?
If a block is found, amounts will be collected [80 % historic shares | 20 % current shares] and added to threshold balance, after 100 blocks will the amount paid. If your account address is ready for a payout and which value you will be get, can you see under the “Next Payments Section”,
it also shows, which block the amount will send and how many block left till the payout.


Just changed over to Burstneon to give you a try… and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to login to your website to see concurrent stats at… http://burstneon.com/index.html

Is there something I am missing? And do you have a forum like this forum? Seems that other pools aren’t so organized, or at least I haven’t found wiki’s or links to other pools websites, wallets and explorers etc. Also, wondering if I am setup properly… BURST-J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG.

Regarding Login… what is this? Enter Reed-Soloman
It is meaningless… how do I login?



For login, remove the “Burst-”-Part and if you submit deadlines, you will be able to login in, enter “J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG” and go to http://burstneon.com/account.html and you will see your stats. lovely regards


Hi… and thanks for your reply. I have been mining with 30tb since yesterday…
I attempted to login at the address you gave me… and this is what I got… nothing.
Am I doing something wrong?

I removed the burst part as you suggested… and nothing happened. My address is: BURST-J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG

So this is what I entered… J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG and depressed submit… and nothing happens. Seems the website doesn’t do anything.

I stopped and restarted my miner… here is the clip.

I am using the internet tethered to my cell phone, so the speed is not as fast as normal cable connection… but seems to work ok. So seems my confirmations come later than normal.


This is an interesting clip taken just after the one above. Can you explain this to me please Dear Leader?


also… I would be interested to know the forum and other web pages that I should be using with BurstNeon so I can communicate properly, and get current information. As it seems there is not much activity on the sites where I have been.

Can you share with me the current status of BurstNeon. How are you doing as a pool now. Seems there have been a lot of changes lately… so its hard to get accurate and current info.

I am looking to get more intimately involved if possible, but have no idea how to go about it. Seems that all the pools are very unorganized, and everyone is doing their own thing.

Regards, Leslieallen


G’day @Leslieallen,
all updates will be announced on this forum thread, https://discord.gg/2W3D4PC and https://burstforum.net/topic/3090/join-us-burstneon-http-burstneon-com-flood-protected/188. For the screenshot, which you send, first of all thank you, the problem was patched, the pool system has multiple backends and use the wallet with the highest block (make sure that the pool doesnt stuck in a block), already saw that the code jump back to main wallet if on same block, that should fixed now.

For your login, make sure there isnt any space and the front or end, I already logged in yesterday in your account, seems everything. If you any trobules there is a whole FAQ http://burstneon.com/qbundle.html.

Unpaid Balance: 28 Burst (rounded)

lovely regards


Patched against the error flood was tested and is now implemented, lovely regards



  • Refresh the user interfaces (website)
    -Added infographics for newcomers, how the system works on burstneon.

lovely regards


Major Update:
The new pool software is now uploaded and online. The whole system was rewritten (splitting frontend from backend logic on seperate systems), both the backend and the frontend logic got new methods. There is also now a own Block Explorer, which allow to check every block and details. Another thing is a own wallet overiew, with the important stats.
The cookie system was also removed and everything runs over fix url parameter (queries).

/monitor?id= your numeric id
/account?id= your numeric id
/neon?id= your numeric id (from here you get a quick view)


-Implemented Block Explorer / Wallet Overview
-Peers List
-Added configuration page
-Added Queries
-Split backend and frontend logic (different systems)
-Added block details for each block
-Improved the page speed with new backend system on factor 3
-Fixed the monitoring page, results of miner will be render on server side.
-Fixed bug, that mined blocks shows twice.




  • Implemented an simple mobile explorer for checking public wallet information, transaction and also pool payout (shows payout of the recipient pool).

To access the account page https://burstneon.com/mobile?id= your numeric or BURST-XXX