[ANN] Pool.BurstCoin.de

BurstDe Pool __-(Cloudflare Enabled)
No banning you if DL is too big
URL: pool.burstcoin.de (port: 8080)

Minimum payout is 20-60 Burst depending on the number of miners. Trying to get min payout to as many miners as possible with each block reward Plus the payout to the block finder.
Pool fee is 1%
Target deadline: 2592000 (30 days)


What is the minimum capacity???

Great pool by the way, its just with the difficulty seems to take awhile for 1TB miners to get coins.

I am mining more than a week now with 2 accounts 1x 1 TB and 1x 4TB but i stil have not received any coins is this normal?


can you check if everything is going ok?

my wallets schow up at the pool site but i do not get deadlines.

Sure checking now



This is the stronger plot file. The other either too small on its own or has errors. set your blago miner to a target deadline of 4320000.

image not finding any deadlines
image good one

5 hours later much better

Have one miner run and set the plotfile path too both plot files even though they have different addresses

“Mode” : “pool”,
“Server” : “pool.burstcoin.de”,
“Port” : 8080,

“UpdaterAddr” : “pool.burstcoin.de”,
“UpdaterPort” : 8080,

“InfoAddr” : “pool.burstcoin.de”,
“InfoPort”: “8080”,

“EnableProxy”: true,
“ProxyPort”: 8126,

“CacheSize” : 100000,
“ShowMsg” : false,
“ShowUpdates” : false,

“Debug”: true,
“UseHDDWakeUp”: true,

“SendBestOnly”: true,
“TargetDeadline”: 4320000,

“UseFastRcv” : false,
“SendInterval”: 100,
“UpdateInterval”: 950,

“UseLog” : true,
“ShowWinner” : false,
“UseBoost” : true,

“WinSizeX”: 80,
“WinSizeY”: 70

your will be in the que to get paid about 2 blocks away
I think you should redo the small plotfile you have in the 7655 acount. It seems the account you have 12 coins in is better.