[ANN] pool.burstpay.net - 1% fee, 30 days max deadline, new design, open source


We would like to announce our new pool, http://pool.burstpay.net

Mining port: 8124
Max Deadline: 2592000
Max Round Count: 500
Fee: 1%
Block maturity: 4 Blocks
Min Payment: 250
DDoS Protected and highly scalable.

For the moment, all the fees are transfered to our faucet: https://faucet.burstpay.net

The code is based on uraymeiviar/Lexicon’s burst-pool and it’s released as open source, including our new design and bug fixes at: https://github.com/burstpay/burst-pool

For any questions / help, i stand at your disposal!

Need a couple of coins to start mining
New and looking for a helping hand

Hi @CRK, I moved your thread in the appropriate section of the forum.
Thank you for understanding and keep BURSTing.

By the way great sit and great idea. I love that you are helping keep the faucets going.
Great job and keep it up.
You my friend are a real Burster!:grin:


@CRK I especially love that you are donating fees to the faucet. Thank you for supporting the community!

Have you discussed with the PoCC about possibly collaborating on the pool development?


@CRK thatt is a great thing you are doing, helping out new miners!
@ryanw to bad the faucets couldn’t have a small area on the side of the page with mention of the pools that sponsor the faucets,Maybe enough pools would participate to end the empty faucet problems, in return the pools get more miners…


Thank you all for the support!


I’m in. Nice website.


tross is tying it out! Great job CRK!


What your pay out like?

Is it every hour, day or ???


The payments are sent on block


I think the pool is paying too much in fees as I’m getting payments like this one:

2.65 + 1

Who pays for that commission? Is it deducted from my amount or does the pool pay with the 1% fee? Thank you.


We saw, it’s a bug in the pool’s code. It’s paid from the pool balance atm, but we’re working on fixing it.
We’ll send all miners a 500 bonus once we finish fixing all the bugs and the adding of new features.


I noticed the We won - We lost info is not correct (for older block).
Can this also be fixed?


New version guys, fixed a lot of stuff, added pool capacity, miners capacity, minimum payment is now set to 50.

Source code and changelog at: https://github.com/burstpay/burst-pool

@Vlado yes, this was a bug due to block maturity. It’s now showing the correct message when we win and it starts paying after 4 blocks (to avoid ghost blocks)

@Aitor, We’ve increased the minimum payment to 50 BURST

Our pool has reached 2.75 PB :wink:

500 BURST shall be sent to all current miners shortly!


We have increased the minimum payout to 250, as the miners requested, to save on fees.


Outstanding, now this is the best pool of the bunch. Good job, CRK.


Why not trying a pool act as a miner in another pool?


I’m sorry, i do not understand your question.