Announcement From Gadrah Regarding Development News, Websites, and More


Announcement from Gadrah (Tom) today:

Announcement From Gadrah Regarding Development News, Websites, and More

Hello everyone,

The last few months in the Burst ecosystem have been packed with action, to say the least. We had both good and bad things happening, but I noticed we entered a period of pessimism in the community that negatively affected the price and volume of our coin and the general vibe. A few devs and key members left when drama was at its highest. We have seen a few people claiming that Burst is dead. I will explain in this post that this cannot be further from the truth.

Core development has not stopped, and to quote @daWallet, “I have never seen so many people reading the burst core code as today”. Old developers are still at work and new talented developers have joined them and are now working on the Core, infrastructure and tools. The Proof of Capacity Consortium (PoCC) have already released new tools on their Cryptoguru website and on GitHub and are actively contributing to move Burst forward. Community members like @ryanw are doing an outstanding job in providing new websites and services to the Burst community.

With that being said, the lack of transparency from the development team is an issue that was brought up several times in the past. I believe we need to improve communication between developers and the community to avoid the confusion we have seen in the last months. I am going to do my best to reach that goal of better communication within Burst.

From now on, here is what you can expect (at first) :

  • I am going to manage the @burstcoin_dev twitter from now on.

  • I will be doing weekly Burst reports every sunday where I will recap everything that happened in Burst during the week, both in terms of development and inside the community. Those reports will appear at least on the Burst-Team forum, on the GetBurst forum and on the blog website and may be in the form of videos in the future.

  • Generaly speaking, I will try to improve the external look and communication of Burst. I believe we need to restore confidence in the coin by managing it in a more professional way and encouraging community engagement.

A new official Burst website is going to be launched very soon to replace the current This is what you can expect :

  • A new, more neutral domain name that will better reflect the nature of this website.

  • A new, better and cleaner design

  • Explanations on Burst, on Proof-of-Capacity, on all Burst features

  • A much awaited roadmap

  • How to & tutorials

  • And much more !

And this is just a glimpse at everything that is going on. What everyone needs to keep in mind is that Burst is a community effort, and is improved by every contribution of every members , no matter how small. We need more positivity, and to just set everything that slows us down aside on the road to making our coin greater. A lot of good things are coming and the next months are going to be very exciting.

Thank you and see you on sunday for the first weekly Burst report :slight_smile:


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