Another newbie beginning for a coin


Hi! I’m new to burst, trying to get a hang of it. I’ve got two HDs just rusting away and would like to try mining. Minimum transaction size on exchanges are a bit too steep so I was hoping someone would give me a coin or two to get started? Will send forward if I get it working and my 6TB actually generates something :slight_smile:




A few are heading your way.


Thank you! But, I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong. But now when I open my burstwallet my account ID changed! :frowning: BURST-R97M-HYVC-W8UN-7CV36 I guess it could just be a new public adress but I don’t have any coins or any transactions, so I guess I did something wrong. Sorry :frowning:


Sent you a few to your new address. Make sure you’re entering your seed EXACTLY each time. Even a space at the end or beginning, or a change in the capitalization of any character will result in a different address.


Oh! That’s where I went wrong. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi… I’m a newbie here… could someone send me some burst coin too? thanks.



Sent a few your way.