Another newbie, please help


Hi guys. I spent several hours reading and this can’t be that hard, I should be doing something wrong.

I understand I need a coin to start mining but tried following advices to sign up to a pool mining with cryptoguru.

Using Qbundle v1.8, I go on Set Reward Recipient, enter my account (BURST-42PP-CYFP-Z8JU-CUVVP), enter the Cryptoguru account (BURST-8KLL-PBYV-6DBC-AM942) and select local wallet. I get a message “Unable to get reward recipient status with selected wallet”.

Any hints?

One more question about Plotting. I’m starting with a 1TB hard drive. Recommendation is that each plot file is no bigger than 7.7GB. Do I have to manually create roughly 120+ files or is there a way to automate it?

I’d also appreciate a coin, so I can try to start solo.

Thanks again!



There is actually a numerical translation for the Cryptoguru account. If you look here:

You can find that it is 9225891750247351890

You can set your passphrase here if you like:

Put that number into the “Reward Recipient” box, and put the passphrase that you use for your account in, and it will work…as long as you have a coin to make the transaction.

I do not recommend so many plotfiles. It is fine just creating a single file for 1TB.

I would not suggest going solo to start off, also you should probably have a lot more hard drives for that if you want to see any semi-consistent Burst income…maybe at least 100TB.

Sending over one coin. This will be enough to set you up with the cryptoguru pool. After setting reward recipient, you need to wait 4 blocks time (around 15-20 minutes) for that to go into affect.

Also, I just made this handy post if you are wondering about the topic of activating your account:

Good luck, and welcome!


Thanks ryanw. Got your coin, followed the link and the JSON output seems to be ok. I got two transactions on “Recent”. I’ll wait the designated time and try to set the Reward Recipient again.

I’m simply starting with the 1TB drive to try and learn, but I’m aware I have to go much bigger to see actual results.

Hope to be able to retribute to you and/or other users in the future.



If you already set the reward recipient, no need to do it again.


ryanw, clicking on “Check Reward Recipient”, it confirms CryptoGuru, but if I select “Set Reward Recipient”, it asks for the account pin, which is correct (a wrong one says its wrong), it gives me “Rewardassignment did not succeed”.

Is it still ok?


Yes everything should be fine. You cannot set reward recipient again because you have no more coins. This costs 1 coin each time. No need to keep spending coins because it is correct.


Hey. Perhaps this resource can help you in this matter BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY