Any pools with a lower payout than 0-100

Are there any pools that payout when you have mined 1 Burst?

I am curently using but to mine 100 Burst (the pools minimum payout) it is going to take me about 3 years of mining just to get 1 Burst (I thought this pool was supposed to be the best for new miners).

With this Burst mining thing requiring you to pay 1 Burst even to just swap pools then a new miner having to wait until they get 100 Burst is wrong, New miners should have a pool that will payout as soon as they reach 1 Burst.

Are there any pools that I can go to that has a minimum payout of 1 Burst so I can then at least change my account name or change pool (If so can you give me a coin so I can change my bloody Reward Recipient to the new pool).

Bloody ridiculous.

Found Burst buy mistake and thought I would give it a try. I wish I hadn’t now, May as well go back to GPU mining other Cryptocurrencies as I am getting near 1 of all of them 50x faster than this burst malarky, at least you don’t have to pay in order to do anything on the GPU ones just a small mining fee.

We having a deadline maximum of 2 years and paying out if you reach 20 burst, we also have a payout guarantee of minimum 0.5 burst per block, so that you get after 40 blocks for sure a payout, you are welcome to visit us, if you have question contact us on lovely regards

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Great thanks for the reply and the link but I cant use it because I have 0 Burst and cant even change pool without a burst. Whose stupid idea was that? he needs putting against a wall and spanking.

For this problem, we created a channel #burst-starter, send your address there, it will added to a list and you get some burst for change the pool, lovely regards

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Great thanks for that I will do that a little later tonight as I have not slept in 48h setting this hole thing up, burst is not easy to get into at all even with the socal easy Qbundle.


Then sleep well and see you soon! All beginnings are difficult.

if u take a coin when 1 and need to pay 1 burst per transfer u get 0 , i think u need to do some more reading on the coin


I was speaking about the pool that is suposed to be the best pool for new miners there is no FEE there until end of january 2018 so 1 Burst for the transfer of your mined coins is not required.

sorry but I think it you that needs to do a bit more reading.

Anyway I am now using BurstNeon and getting a lot closer to payout than I ever would have at the other pool.

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