Any Storj Users out there?


Storj kind of goes hand in hand with Burst…if you are wanting to mix your mining. For example, you can start out with one drive as a storj node, and mine Burst on the drive as the Storj shards fill up. This way, you don’t have any idle hard drive space sitting around.
Storj drives fill up pretty slowly, at least for me. I’ve had one node online for several months, and it is just about to fill up to the drive capacity (500GB). I did, however, start a second node last week with a 3Tb drive, and it’s already up to 100GB in used space!
I just have basic DSL for my connection, so if I were to need the bandwidth for something else, I would have to restrict the bandwidth my Storj server uses. It can really max out my connection.


I have been in Storj for about 4 months now and have seen some nice payouts (for the amount of space i share) and I am excited to see where the project goes and how they will compete with filecoin when it is released. Also I do not know how many of you have been following the burst “botnet” but it seems that storj had a very similar problem last month so it would seem we are not alone in needing to find a answer to the problem.

“After looking into it we indeed found some odd behavior. We saw that a single node was attached to over twenty four thousand payment addresses. The intention of which appeared to be collecting several thousand base payouts totalling almost $40,000.00 USD”