Anyone a Clash of Clans player? I am so addicted!


Share your Th and Bh levels.


How is this Burst related?


It is not hehe…


I’ve been playing clash of clans forever it seems…usually pop on every other day. What I like about it is that you don’t have to spend more than a couple minutes at a time on it.

Level 10 18099/30000 …oops I had Clash Royale on the brain. haven’t played clans for a long time :frowning:


@Raphael This is why it’s called a ‘off topic’ section :smile:


It was not at the time of my post. Ryanw just made that section two hours ago :wink:


Very sneaky I am :slight_smile:


I’m a TH10 with 160 exp points. I co-lead a fun clan. We war every-other night so I spend at least an hour an evening warring and raiding.

I’ve got some great mining strategies if you are interested.


I used to play a lot a few years ago.

Lately, been having trouble sticking to games that players can just pump in a bunch of $$$ to be the best ahaha


Th 11 max njoy


No I’m not. What is it about with you peopla and gaming clash ??