Anyone have a new ETA on 0-100 pool? I swear it is the greatest thing since slice bread


I started mining on the 0-100 pool about 3 days after it started and at first i was a little sketchy at the reward but BAAM! once caught up i gotta say, its nice, even, predictable math. Thanks Haitch for putting in place, but was A- wondering if we had a official uptime ETA and b-i am badge driven(so had to make a post), lol


LOL…I’ll be learning as I go with the default badge systems and trust levels on this forum. I think it will be interesting.

As for the 0-100 pool, Haitch says everything could be up as soon as Friday or Saturday, but that it’s depending on the shipping being on time.


im currently on Tates .ML pool ontill we get a 0-100 going agin i loved the idea behind it


ya i went back over to, as it runs pretty smooth, but i prefer the 0-100 idea, of course switching out this week wasnt so bad as i found a block today :slight_smile:


I assume it’s in transit along with the Burst Team Forum. I was on the 0-100 Pool and very much like the concept, however I am very sure that 30 Days is way too long for the Historic Share calculation.

Have gone onto the burst4all Pool for the moment. it’s a ninja v3 pool and has a historic share based on 500 Blocks which takes 33 Hours to build up and that is more than enough, Seems to give a very smoothe Historic Share entirely representative of your TB. Only “problem” is that its a 60-40 Pool.

I actually think that the perfect Pool would be 0-100 but with some additional reward (10%?) just for the Block Finder but not for the people that just happen to have got a good Deadline on the found Block.

However let’s drop this 30 Days for Historic Share, 30 Days is way too long in Crypto, as we are seeing with the Pool being Down.



I really do hope they drop 30 days for Historic Share too, wouldn’t 360-1440 blocks be enough?


I just hope we get a bit of advance warning as to when the 0-100 will go live. It’s Friday now and I haven’t seen anything concrete. Like a lot of you, I moved away just to keep some coins rolling in. I’m back at for now, but I really like the predictable earnings. I’m not as concerned about the 30 day historic as some of you are. It does make one’s position pretty solid in the list…once they get there. Give and take.


Hey @Haitch , any word on the pool? sorry i have been family road tripping over the weekend and just a little on mobile, so if you updated anything anywhere i did not see it!


@jaxblack The servers are still in transit to their new home…I believe that sine Haitch is away for work, that it could be up to a week longer. @Haitch hasn’t been able to post here because the forum started restricting posts for new users…I think I may have fixed that problem, we’ll see.


Hi all, I also moved to 0-100 just before it went down, so waiting it to be online again. Hope @Haitch soon update the info :slight_smile:




It should be backup Friday or Saturday.


I am working on a 0-100 pool of my own because people seem to like them so much. You can expect to change over within the next few days.


The pool is currently syncing it’s wallet, when that complete the pool will be open for business again.