Apple iOS wallet


Has anyone got any news on the Burst iOS wallet development.

Last I heard it got rejected by Apple for stupid reasons but haven’t found any info since then.


It’s still sitting in purgatory as far as I know.

However, there is another member of the Burst community that is developing one as well…he seems confident it will get added, and we’ll get to check it out when they finish development.


Excellent news! Anything that makes the adoption of Burst easier will make a big difference.

I know how Apple can be. It’s almost pot luck sometimes with what gets through and what gets stopped.
Then there’s the “Waiting for review” stage that can be days and days.
Google play on the other hand turn them round in hours!

Seems odd that Apple are so slack with the whole app review process.


What I have seen discussed with this, is that they are most interested in that an app does not affect the operation of the system AT ALL.

So stability and resource utilization are of utmost importance to them. Supporting the corporate image is the largest factor I think in this review process.