Asset tool


hello everyone here it is all the asset info u will ever need tell u all the info anyone would ask for just add your burst wallet on the top where is blue i open the link so anyone can use

enter in full burst wallet even the Burst-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
u can now save it to your google and use it anytime

My Assets general info

the best one of then all
My Assets Buy/sell info + ROI tell u just that + let u know when is a good time to buy more of the asset and when to sell it and how much your getting back

and more QUICK ASSET COMPARISON let u VS all your assets and to see what one is paying out and what days it did as will :grin: is good :cry: is bad

let u know what burst price is ever 24hr is up dates going on polo info

this is a tool and as one it is only good as the person using it. I’m not promoting any assets just a tool to make it e-z for everyone


hey man ,iv been working on something similar for the last week or so, does it auto populate everything, like pull dividends, cause if so i may stop doing what i am doing…


yes everything :slight_smile:


working on a faucet next maybe up in 30 days or so working out the numbers and a phone app as will to so ppl can get burst from any where and anytime :slight_smile: let me know if u would like to help out :slight_smile:


wow this is actually ridiculously impressive, great work. @Haitch you should check this out. Now if we could just get all asset owners to pay from the same account each time , the ROI section would work properly.


Awesome work @jam1 !


Really impressive. Great job.


@jaxblack - I saw it, awesome work. by @jam1.

And I’ve no idea why some asset owners use different accounts to payout - I’ve always used the asset account.


Nice work i always use only my asset account is it not yet complete??


plz save it to you google ppl keep deleting things and changing like i have it so u just have to add your burst wallet and go down or up :slight_smile: see if it even got a new tip address is not me lol ppl r crazy

here my burst wallet Like this? tips appreciated -> BURST-HTPF-KXJD-NFU2-233FZ is me


going to just have a download link 1 seeing up now


you should be able to make it so noone can edit and they will have to copy it to google drive to be able to,(i think) . One of the guys on the other forum noticed that the list of assets and wallets seems like it needs update?


i sent you some bursts Thankyou for work!!


yes but is not e-z getting there info if u of any i will add but do not post it on here just message me the info would like to keep this open so ppl can use the tool :slight_smile: and ty everyone


i’m away shortly for about 45-60minutes, ill message when back


ty so much :slight_smile:


ok now u can download it and and only edit it when u download it

plz use the same like just copy it will ask to save to your google drive save

there that is your copy let it load and then add your burst wallet


Nice work ! Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow, this is awesome!
Something like that would be nice to have in the wallet.

At first I thought it does not work, but it just took a few minutes till everything showed up.


Yes it need a little time to load all the info :slight_smile: adding more assets to it to keep it up to date