Awesome Miner

Not sure where to ask this - here or on the Awesome Miner forum, but it would be kind of cool to be able to manage my Burst farm on Awesome Miner - not for profit-switching cause its just 1 type of coin obviously but to add it to my daily income and to set up alerts if their is any machine issues. I have a large GPU and Antminer farm and I have to run over to the server room to check on bursting and then over to the “cold” room to check the AM application for other miners status (no i don’t have remote access - it is on a “ice network with a special rule set up on our sonicwall for internet traffic with its own DMZ”. Was wondering if their were any development ideas or plans in the future for this? If so, I could move the Burst farm into the “cold” room and centralize my monitoring - server room is a hike from the “cold” room lol.

Thanks for any answers or opinions in advance

As far as I know, no one has mentioned anything about Awesome Miner integration.

Looking on their website, it doesn’t seem it’s open source, and that there isn’t a section inviting coins to develop integration for it.

So, from this I assume that you would have to contact Awesome Miner to see if they would develop that feature.