Bad plot or what?


Is this normal or should I be re-creating the plot?

[ERROR 1007] The deadline for your nonce is REALLY BAD: 498285 years, 11 mon
ths, 17 days, 3 hours, 24 mins, 27 secs - wrong block? are your plot files c

Is there a tool to check the plots ahead of time to validate that they are correct?



Unfortunately there is no tool available to check the validation of the plots, only that they are optimized. It may be that the deadline was submitted for the wrong block or yes there is a possibility the file is corrupt but highly unlikely as you just did it. I would wait continue mining and if you see that alot then there may be a problem. Also Fyi as of this time Stamp some people seem to be having issues with the Cloudflare on the 0-100 pool again, so if your miner program stops, that is the most likely reason why (not anything you did). Either give it time and check forums for updates if you are having issues, or switch pools if you prefer. Otherwise @Haitch will get it figured out.


Ahh the pool is displaying again properly and i see your still mining so disregard the last bit of that last reply.


Yeah, pool had a filesystem issue, resolved for now, and hopefully permanently fixed tomorrow.