Best strategy to plotting couple of HDD

Hi There! Newbie doing plotting.

For the past few days, I having been trying to do plotting with gpuPlotGenerator on some 8TB HDD. From version 4.0.3 to 4.1.1 and each time the gpu plotter will show ETA : 58Y. So I get a GT 1030 gpu and hopefully to get up to the plotting speed. Unfortunately, the best result on the system will ETA : 12W. So out of wits, I finally decided to use the Xplotter by blago that is inside the Burst wallet. For a fully utilized 8TB HDD the software will takes around 12 days to complete plotting. Meaning that I can only start mining 12 days later. :tired_face:

So hunting at the backyard. I found a seagate 1 TB external HDD. So I decided to plot a 1 TB for mining without wasting any more time. Using the Xplotter by blago, the old computer will plot for 5 hours 1 TB. Since I have five 8TB HDD and instead of waiting for 12 days like a dummy then start mining. I get to start mining five hours later on all 4 HDD. And use 1 8TB HDD for plotting 8TB space.Then I will have another 8TB HDD out of the four HDD to plot for a 2TB space ( 10 hours plotting ). Then instead of having four 1 TB HDD for 12 days mining. I will have three 1 TB mining and increase the mining to four 2TB mining in 10 hours period. Then I use one of the four 8TB HDD to plot for another 15 hours. By another 15 hours, I will have four 3TB HDD for mining.

5 (8TB HDD space for mining) (12 days later)


5 hours later
3 (8TB HDD) with 1 TB space for mining and 1 HDD plotting for 10 hours (2TB space)

10 hours later (Total 15 hours later)
3 (8TB HDD) with 2 TB space for mining and 1 HDD plotting for 15 hours (3TB space)

15 hours later (Total 30 hours later)
3 (8TB HDD) with 3 TB space for mining and 1 HDD plotting for 20 hours (4TB space)

20 hours later (Total 50 hours later)
3 (8TB HDD) with 4 TB space for mining and 1 HDD plotting for 25 hours (5TB space)

25 hours later (Total 75 hours later)
3 (8TB HDD) with 5 TB space for mining and 1 HDD plotting for 30 hours (6TB space)

and so on…

I think I am following what you are trying to say here.

Your objective here of mining while plotting is used by a lot of people. I personally just fill up each drive with one plot, but the way you describe will get you more burst overall.

Just to be sure… I have to ask…are you copying this plot file over to other multiple other hard drives? Having the same copy on each of your 8TB? If so, you should not do this. This just generates the same deadlines over and over. You need different plots for each drive.

Hi Ryanw!

Thanks. I was thinking copy all the file from one HDD will work. So it won’t work that way.

Iron Mike, below is a thread with another new miner and it talks about plotting and how best to plot with Blago. I suggest you read from the beginning as there is good dialog between the new miner and myself. First lets see if we can speed up your plotting.

In the thread you will find something about downloading CPU-Z which identifies the instructions sets allowed by your pc. Once we know what those are we can go from there.

The plan here is to try and use Xplotter_AVX2.EXE and not just xplotter_AVX.exe (without the 2 in it). Reason being is that the AVX2 program runs 20% faster than the AVX program. But you pc needs to be able to handle it.

Read the thread find out your instructions sets and we will go from there.

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Hi ryanw.

Thanks for your burstcoin. I start the blango miner and pop up an error message.

[ERROR 858861617] submitNonce request has bad ‘accountId’ parameter - should
be uint64

what does it mean? Did I wasted burstcoin you give?

Got it corrected. Solo mining. Thanks