I recently joined after hearing that @Haitch was loaning BCC using their site. I loaned $390 USD and my first daily payment was $6.86, not too bad at all. So far I am very happy with the service. The site is not very straightforward but once you figure it out it makes sense. I’ll be back in a month to let everyone know how I feel about it than. If anyone does sign up please use my referral link. I found this video that explains it pretty good
Thanks, Newsense.


Thanks for posting the info on Bitconnect @Newsense

I do have to warn everyone, that my thoughts about this place is that it’s a very complicated ponzi scheme. People will end up making money back as time goes on, but eventually the last people to invest will lose everything, and the people running the site will laugh all the way to the bank.

Do not “invest” anything that you aren’t willing to throw in the garbage right now.


No problem @ryanw. I failed to add a disclaimer but we are all adults and figured anyone investing any amount on anything knows nothing is guaranteed. I will keep the community up to date on my experience with the service.


yes here a idea just saying bcc is ok but a e-z way if u have the hard ware or even rent it for a little just mine the coin is a script coin like LTC here a pool to join if anything maybe save u some money so u can invest in burst :slight_smile:



but like ryanw
Do not “invest” anything that you aren’t willing to throw in the garbage right now.


Just to add my thoughts on Bitconnect. It is a Ponzi scheme of the highest order and falls into the category of everybody knows it’s a Ponzi but it is just so attractive and because everyone seems to be getting their payments that they just cannot resist investing.

I have had to give myself a good talking to more than once to prevent myself making an investment…

Early investors will do well so long as they do actually cash out their original investment and some profit before it goes belly up. However they have done a fantastic job on the reinvestment incentives and compound interest that traps people into leaving their money in because look how rich they will be in a couple of Years.

This of course means there is plenty of money to keep paying people who do cash out.

So some people will make some money, however it will all come crashing down one Day. Could be a Year, could be 2 years. We will see?



Thanks @RichBC you said it better than I could :slight_smile:


I have been using bitconnect as well.

Definitely can’t argue with any of the above statements, however I have definitely been making some pretty good returns, so i’m not gonna complain until if (when) it’s over completely.

Definitely not something I would tell my friends or family to invest in, but i’m enjoying the bit of extra passive income while it lasts xD


Would you care to share some of your numbers, When Investment made, Amount Invested, Returns so far?



I invested $130 initially, with a current total investment of $170 in there. Pulled out just over $65 last month to help cover some of my insurance. So in other words in about 3 months I have made back ~$105 from putting in $130.


:slight_smile: got this will let u know what u get from $100 but

like ryanw
Do not “invest” anything that you aren’t willing to throw in the garbage right now.