Bitdefender Flagging Blago

Hi everyone

I just started mining Burst with Blago miner included in the Qbundle from Bitdefender’s been flagging Blago files as infected. The two reports are:

Item was deleted. Threat name: Application.BitCoinMiner.AAG. Path: F:\Qbundle\BlagoMiner\BlagoMiner_AVX2.exe

Item was deleted. Threat name: Torjan.Generic.22239527. Path: F:\Qbundle\BlagoMiner\BlagoMiner_sse.exe

What are your thoughts? Are these false positives or did I get a bad copy of Blago?

Screenshots are attached.

Blago has been flagged since last year. Botnets popped up that were using it to mine Burst, so the AV companies have flagged it.

You’re completely fine as long as you got it from Qbundle github, or Blago’s github.

I just put exclusion in for the folder. Most of crypto related software seems to flag something in AV.