Blago miner is not picking up networked drives


I finally updated and the new miner is faster but, now…


I tried remapping the drives but, I get the same results. The drives are mapped via wireless networking. Local drives show up just fine.


Some time back I had it working with a network drive mapped to a drive letter. I have not tested it recently though.


@Blago a little help?


Why would you connect via WIFI to networkdrives???
Is your miner also connected though WIFI?

I really think you building a fundemental Bottle neck…

The way I see it you max out on “standard” 2.4Ghz Wifi at about 54MB per sec.
With the latest versions maybe 100MB.
THat is Internet connection… And Drive connection…

The average USB 3 drive Could in Theory do 630 MB… You probbebly use a NAS of some kind
Eventhough the NAS drives are fast… the WIFI connection is way less then half of your drive speed.
Hence slow preformance

It might work with 1 or 2 network drives but really would advice to get your drives Local on your PC Not via a network drive…

I really hope for you I am so wrong… are there some techies out there who can shed more light?


Currently, it’s a really small mine. All of my plots together only add up to ~4tb. But, I do plan on expanding it. The problem I’ve run into is that drives aren’t being scanned at all. It is a possibility that the higher latency of wi-fi could be the cause.

The “mining server” (where the majority of drives will be running) is still able to access the drives in the other direction (with version 1.170911 of the miner). Please note there’s even an SD card plotted (this was done as an experiment - it just hasn’t been taken off yet).