Blago miner keeps crashing every few minutes!

Just as a note… Blago miner has crashed 2 times in the space of 10 minutes.
Just making a report in case someone in the blue sky is interested.

after another day… I have reinstalled blago several times… and restarted it 30 or 40 times. I haven’t rebooted my machine yet… as I have a large plot in the works. So will reboot after that is finished and see if that makes a difference. As of now… I can get about 10 minutes of mining… then it crashes.
I am just started Solo mining… BURST-TLYV-XCFD-QZEY-A6749 my ID if anyone wants to look into this and see if my wallet is operating properly.

Thank you, Leslieallen

Also… while Solo… is there supposed to be a deadline? As it says no deadline in Blago miner when mining.

You should be getting deadlines in Blago if you are solo mining.

As for the crashing, that would only be able to be looked at on your own system, this is not related to the blockchain…first thing that comes to mind: have you tried just the regular avx miner and seen if it does the same thing?