Blago Miner Logging

3 months later and I am back to using Blagominer after trying to tweak creep and jminer. I finally got a modern MB and blago is working very efficiently <30s per block for 110TBs. I’m happy about that. But I come home to find Blago writing all sorts of red error messages about bad files, missing files, etc. So something happened at the OS/USB layer that made some of the plots “disappear”. I would have expected this to be written to the miner logs, but I am unable to find anything.

Is there something that I need to enable so that at a minimum I get the screen output written to a file for further analysis and monitoring/alerting? Error messages, plot scan times per file/drive, DLs submitted, DLs accepted, etc.?


There is a Logs folder in the BlagoMiner folder. This might have the information you’re looking for.