Blago Miner Speed

Hi all,

Quick question if I may… I am using Blago Miner and currently have 1TB plotted. The miner is running and seems to work, but I am worried about my plots.

The software is saying that Z:\Burst reads @ 1.9secs @ 125.4MB/s. This seems fast especially after comparing to a few online. Also, I’m not sure how it works, but if it was 125MB/s wouldn’t that take a lot longer…?

I would say that I am not using USB, it is internal SATA. The software is reporting that the space is 931GB so all is well with that. Just worried all the plots aren’t done. The plotting software window closed when it was finished so I don’t know if all worked ok??

Hope someone can help,
Many thanks

You don’t have to read the entire plot every round. Something like 1/4096b read and if you have a newer cpu that seems right. I read at 750mb/s for over 100tb and only takes 35s


Interesting… I should really look up the full mechanics of this type of mining. I am mining on my old PC, the cpu is quite old, i5 3570, still quite capable though I think. Internal SATA should help though? Thanks for the info

You should be able to mine quite a lot with that i5. I have a i5-3550s mining 12 external drives via USB3.0

They all get scanned in under 30 seconds.