Blago miner-v1.170820_AVX2 - CACHE SIZE explanation

Would someone be able to explain to me how the cache size parameter works/behaves with blago AVX miner?

The default value when installed is 40000. I just found out (by mistake) that I may have set it to 4000.

I believe this was affecting my mining. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated

I don’t know specifically how to figure an optimal cachesize, but as I remember it, it is regarding the amount of data read from the disk before it is processed.

Found an old reference to it - “how many nonces calculate”

Maybe @Blago can shed some more light on this.

When the miner reads data from disk it reads that many scoops before it starts to process them.
For now, if you have smaller drives or just a few big ones there is not much to win when you tweak that value unless you have unoptimized plots.

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Ok so I have 21 drives, 10 8TB and the rest in 1TB, all optimized using Blogo plotter. Roughly 100TB +/-
If that is the case then what do you suggest?

it is hard to tell. it depends on many other factors aswell. like connectiontype, cpu, ram, type of disks. and so on. try to increese the value alot like to 800000 (aprox 50MB cache) to later decreese it. you have to test what is good for you.

I suggest you try values from 256 to 4194304 by powers of 2 and record your results and post them here for the benefit of all to see.

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How do you even begin to test this? All you can do is change the value fire it up and watch it mine again. It’s not like it reports back or shows a status anywhere, or am I missing something here. Not trying to be difficult just wondering if I missed something grossly obvious.

My miner has taken a dump in the past week and mining peanuts. I have been mining for like 5 days and only have earned so far 53 deffered coins when I was averaging like 100 a day.