Blago says a new miner will be released Monday


He popped in the discord today, said he’s got a new miner for everyone on monday with 25% performance increase! I’m hoping this gets my rig into the 30-40 second range.

Announcement: miner-burst-1.170820
Speed increase after optimizations +25%
It will public in monday


25% increase? where was this earlier :smiley:

thanks @blago :slight_smile:


Good news indeed and great work Blago.


Very much looking forward to trying that out!


Is Blago, or anyone from the coming here?


i’m here…


Hi Blago!

Any chance you can share the new version with us here today? Sort of like a limited beta test. I keep hitting F5 on github, but nothing yet. :wink:



Holey moley!

Before a scan of my 84 drives took about 36 seconds and by the time it got to the end, the scan speed was around 1,700 MB/s.

Since my 84 drives are a mix of 2, 4, 6 and 8TB drives, the scan slows down near the end since the smaller drives have already been scanned at this point. If I had all the same size drives, the ~3,250 MB/s scan speed would be sustained for the entire scan I would think.

So I went from 36 seconds to 24 seconds, a 33% increase!

Very impressive Blago!

EDIT: Down to 22 seconds now!


Do you know if you can use Wine to run Blago’s miner on GNU/Linux?


Thank you Blago!, I got a 35 second avg now, instead of 45-46! :smile:


Good job @Blago ! :slight_smile:


I am guessing its a false positive anyone else get this?
its a rare file like a Pokemon


I did not get that warning…a lot of crypto related software is flagged by anti-virus. I’d say I expect that Blago’s miner is on the list because of the botnet…


I have just started a new miner.
Excellent !!
Burst Coin has revived!


Just though I would share encase anyone else got the warning
not that I had any doubts


Thanks for the update!



Wow! Great job @Blago Sir! + 33% increase,very impressive. (AVX2)

and a 50% on different miner using just AVX-nice!


Wow , that’s an impressive set up