Blockchain downloaded (finally), how do I select a pool?

First, I’m very new to mining (as you may have noted). Second, I am aware of a pool I’d like to join but am not clear on how to make this happen. Third, did it take several days for everyone else to download the blockchain for their local wallet or have I seriously overestimated the abilities of my machine? (Tb drive, 3.something processor, hardline connection to cable net)

Thanks in advance!


I was experiencing the same problem when I first started. It turns out that if you let the blockchain auto sync in the Qbundle app that it takes forever. I found some articles that suggested to download the most recent blockchain you can find and then import it into Qbundle. The download was around 1GB and only took me like 10 minutes. The blockchain that I downloaded was a little behind so when I imported it into Qbundle it still had the download the most recent blockchain. This took an additional 20 minutes or so.

Before I figured all of this out I waited a solid 4 hours or more for the blockchain to auto sync.

Last night I plotted my 750GB with my i7-7700 at around 4.6 Ghz, 7 threads, and 12 GB of RAM and it took me roughly 4 hours.

Finding a pool I found to be very confusing. However, I did find a very good article on this. Also refer to this tutorial on burst coins site for looking at pool stats.

To join a pool you can simply do it through the Qbundle interface with their address and port number. Make sure to set up your reward recipient though so your pool can get the deadlines/block you find!

Many thanks! I had tried to update the DB to Maria (as suggested by another miner) but it appears that my ignorance and expectation of automation doing its thing properly sort of bit me. I’ll check out the article and hope to gain some insights.

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Not sure if you can choose your own pool in the Qbundle but this pool is very friendly to beginner miners. I have been in it almost 3 months now and no issues. Started with 1 TB and now up to 80TB

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Thank you very much!