Blockchain downloading extremely slowly

Hello. I am new to Burst coin, as I am sure you have worked out from the nature of my problem. It has taken more than two days (well, two twelve(-ish)-hour up-time periods) to get only to May 2017.
Within the last few hours I have seen a maximum of 30 blocks per minute download speed.
This does not match up with my actual download speed, as I am able to get up to 30 Mb/s download and 6Mb/s upload when using a speed-testing site.
Would there be any reason for this to take so long?
Is this because I live in Northern Ireland? In Ireland there is only one node in Dublin.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

Also, how much hard drive space would be enough? I have a bit more than 500GB that I could comfortably spare for this on my PC’s hard-drive. Would that be enough that the coins gained would pay back for the electricity of leaving the PC on? I have an FX6300 CPU and a nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics card, both of which take in a bit of power when idling.

Hey @BushMan01

The speed of blockchain sync is also related a lot to the speed of your computer. So, if your CPU is being used for other things, or is not too fast, it will go slower. You can also try to enable OpenCL assistance for that under settings if you are using Qbundle.

500GB probably will not cover costs of keeping your computer on. Over a long term average, with the network difficulty staying exactly the same, you would get around 0.5 coins per day.

Thanks for the info. I will probably just buy some and hope that people will start to notice this innovative coin. I may also purchase and attach a couple of 1TB drives to my RaspberryPi 2, which consumes considerably less electricity than my main PC.

That is exactly what all of us are expecting to happen, good luck!