how long does it take for my wallet to sync to the block chain?


Hey @TheWatcher,
I know that people were working on the wallet.

@Gadrah made this new BURST web site

This is the Thread:

I also tag him, maybe he can answer your questions.
I know this does not answer your question, but I hope it might help :slight_smile:
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It will take many hours if you let it sync automatically. However there is a faster way, you can follow this tutorial:


What about Linux wallet (v.1.3.4cg)? Is there a way to manual download Blockchain and speed up sync?


Thank you Gadrah


I’ll let @rico666 answer your question. :slight_smile:



As of right now, there isn’t something available for that, but it’s something that some of us are definitely looking into.


If you closely follow the commits on github, you get your question answered.

Other than that, I cannot comment as of now other than: Wait and see.