Both HDD's stopped working


Hey there guys,

So yesterday I was using my computer, and I noticed that suddenly both of HDD’s were not being read. I couldn’t even find them in the disk manager…

I unplugged everything and tried different USB ports and one of the drives came back on, but the other one still isn’t being read.

I just find it weird that they both crapped out at the exact same time, and now only one is back working.

1 is a WD(6tb) Doesnt workAnd the other is a Seagate(5tb) just got working again

So I guess my question is, does anyone have any idea what could’ve caused both drives to stop working at the same time? Any idea why one came back online and the other didn’t?

Any help is appreciated… Cheers!

Note: The WD drive doesn’t even seem to power up (yes its fully plugged in & tried different outlets)


I really can’t tell you what happened, but I can tell you what happens to a couple of mine every few weeks. There are a couple 8TB externals on a single usb 3.0 port (one of them has that built in usb hub). They both completely stop showing up once in awhile. I have to unplug everything (including power), and then plug it back in and they work. I have a feeling it’s just the port they are using on the computer is faulty, but not a big deal so far…


Alright I got it, was the weirdest thing ever.

Tried unplugging everything (including power) and plugged back in to different USB slot, still nothing.
But, then I plugged the HD into a different computer and it fired up – so then I moved it back to the main PC, and it’s working!



I have had this happen twice. Once when I plugged in my little samsung SSD I had two brand new HGST 10 TB hdds stop working, they both started working after a couple restarts.

Also had a hdd quit for apparently no reason, but later discovered a faulty power cable where it plugs into the PSU.

Im guessing in the first situation I could have reset the Mobo bios and got things working again. Glad to hear you got yours working again!