BTC for BURST on Bisq?



I’d like to buy a little BURST for BTC if anyone’s keen? I have an offer open on Bisq at the moment.



Good luck and always buy the dip!


Its not easy to buy BURST is it… I’ve looked around and it doesn’t seem easy unless you have BTC on an exchange already setup.
No one seems to be selling burst on that Bisq thing.
Its a pity theres so many people out to scam others. It messes with the genuine payers who want to buy and wait.
I’ll keep on mining for now until an easier option comes up


You need to start by finding a exchange that will except your currency so you can trade it for BTC, after that it is simple. It is simple and fast to open a trading account send cash and trade that for BTC.

It is really easy to get set up on Poloniex and trade BURST, well I like Polo.
There are many ways to do it simple.

I don’t mine BURST, I trade it, more precisely I churn it and make my BURST grow.
It all depends on what you feel like doing and how.
Maybe later I will start mining BURST again, but for now trading does it for me. :wink:


By “churn it” do you mean trade it out and back again for more burst?


I’ll have a look at Polo if you don’t need your grandmas deeds and birth certificate to trade. :grin:


Yes, I buy on the way down and sell on the way up :wink:


Okay, so I bought a few thousand burst on Poloniex as I couldn’t mine them quick enough. Plus I expect with all the new work going on with Burst, its likely to jump up a fair bit and I’ll not benefit from the cheap price at the min.

I haven’t bought more than I’m happy to loose and I’m not planning on letting any burst leave my wallet for at least the next year or so.

Looks like its going in the right direction with the 500,000 block “Pre-Dymaxion” Hard Fork quickly approaching.

Fun times to join Burst… Lets see what happens :slight_smile:


Also, anyone looking to get into Burst while its still cheap… Take a look at or to get your first Bitcoins, get an account setup with Poloniex and send them over to trade it for Burst.

I found Bitty to be the easiest but I have used Localbitcoins in the past also.

Hope this helps!


Yep it’ll be interesting to see what happens this year :slight_smile:


What sort of ID do Poloniex require? It’s not that I mind supplying a scan of the photo page of my passport, it’s just that I don’t trust the exchanges to look after their security well enough to avoid my personal details being exfiltrated at some point.


I sent them a selfie and a photo of my driving licence. In my opinion, 80% of the data is already online anyway and Poloniex is a very well established trading platform so its not much of a concern for me.


I’m trying to buy .0011 btc for 310 plus burst on bisq for a few days with no bites. Is that too small for you?


I don’t see your offer in Bisq at the moment.


That could be why its not getting taken!

Can you use the offer ID to locate it?



OK, I saw it this time though it said you went offline before my TX funds cleared?


Thats odd. It has been running continuously throughout. Maybe the peer you connected through dropped? This is all new to me hence the small initial trade.
I don’t know what can be done to avoid that. Any clues?
it doesn’t look any different in my UI. btw
I have checked my firewall and it has bisq explicitly allowed.
I made it delete and reload the SPV file - showing more Bitcoin network peers now as well as p2p peers. (before it was only showing p2p peers)


Went well this time, thanks! I’ve confirmed receipt now. I was just testing the water too :slight_smile: