BTC for BURST on Bisq?


I’m sorry, but this seemed appropriate to continue the conversation I was having previously.


@RickMGoldieI get it and in this page it is, but please do not put it everywhere :slight_smile:
I think you should keep your discussion in this tread, like you said this is where it makes most sense.

I am sorry for this one :wink:

Thank you so much for understanding and I hope you sell you BURST :slight_smile:


I have removed the offer from Bisq as I was unable to get round the bug where I could not edit it from fixed to variable.
I persevered with Poloniex registration and managed to get verified this time (it took multiple attempts again). I think I’ll trade directly on there when I need to sell Burst, and trust I don’t get the the withdrawal issues I have read about others having.


@RickMGoldieI think you will like it, like I said I do.
Right now I am buying up some BURST since the price is going down and after I will HOLD and wait. :slight_smile:
Right now I am only trading old crypto and no new coins or ICO’s.
I do not do pre-sales ether :joy::joy::joy:

I do love BURST and it was one of my first crypto’s that I was actively trading and I still am trading it today.

Just be patient and look at the charts.
Right now it is crypto winter and alts are going down, just like the temperature :snowflake::snowflake::cold_face::snowflake::snowflake:


The reason I was unable to edit my order is that BURST has been discontinued on Bisq due to lack of trade volume.
Getting through the validation process on Poloniex seems to be the valid option now, or HODL of course.