BTC price


Explain to the beginning trader how the price of bitcoin is created.

As I understand it then just change the owner of the asset.


It is speculation.
Like every market, we create the price.
We give it the value it has.
We trade it, we play with it and the bigger whale really have influence on the prices.
It is all us :blush:
Oh by the way, Coin Market Cap is just a average of all the markets.
If your trading don’t use that, look at the markets that you are using and there history.


thanks for explaining in such a precise way…


Well it is not that precise, but it is a simple way of explaining the markets.
You really need to work and practice your trading… I lost and I still lose.
I can’t predict what the whales will do and I have been caught more than once in a pump and dump without knowing it.
By the way, I hate pump and dumps.
They are just bad for the coins, the communities and most of all the markets.
I hope this helps, but other members are much better at explaining than me.
I just try my best :slight_smile: