Burst Bash


tross about a minute ago

In 2016 shortly after starting tross mining pool I invented Burst Bash. When I collected 30000 burst I would hold a burst bash sending or paying out like a block every 3 hours 10 times (3000 x10). I continued this service for my loyal miners for almost a year. Ok times have changed pool code changed and names so now been doing something different.

Super Block!

I let the balance edge up to about 20000 Burst then I flip a switch then the Party begins.
10% of Balance minus pending will be added to every block win till balance has reached
my forking buffer. So come out get a piece of the pie! Looks like we are getting close to
the next Bash!


tross less than a minute ago

Dont miss out guys! Each won block will get 10% of the total balance added to the block win.
First won block will be around Block reward + 2000 burst distributed just like any other block win.
Then each Super Block after that will be a little smaller till funds have run out. One reason I changed Burst Bash to Super Block.


please send me a burst so i can get started :slight_smile: BURST-F8S5-24BB-3SQW-8HCGR


@tross that is awesome!
Good luck everyone!!!

@kvast you have more than enough to start mining.

Like I was saying.
Good luck BURSTers!!!


Just a couple blocks more then it Super Block time! First won block will be 2000 burst + block reward distributed like every block reward! Dont be late cause every Super Block after the first is just a little bit smaller till the balance has been depleted!